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Social Media Community Guidelines

Fairfield National Bank is on social networking sites to provide a forum for our customers, current and future, to talk. Have a question about our offices and ATMs? We’ll answer it. Want to learn how to be a better saver or spender? We’ll share tips. Want to keep up on what’s happening at Fairfield National Bank? We’ll post it. Want to share your experiences – good or bad? We’ll listen.

For our communities to be the best they can be, we want to share guidelines for participation.

1. Be respectful.

We welcome conversations, and honest and open feedback; but please refrain from using obscenities, profanity or making any comments that are illegal, offensive, abusive, defamatory or harmful.

2. Protect your identity.

Social networking sites are public. To protect your personal and financial information, don’t post anything you wouldn’t share publicly. Never share your social security number, online banking information, account numbers, debit or credit card numbers. We’ll never ask for any personal information from our customers on our social sites. We may ask you to send us a private message with the best time and phone number to reach you if we want to take the conversation offline.

3. No spamming.

Posts appearing to be spam will be deleted and the users posting spam messages may be blocked from the site.

4. Be constructive.

We appreciate hearing feedback that will help us improve our services and enhance your experience. If you have a concern with the bank, or our products and services, we’re happy to listen. We look forward to responding constructive, thoughtful posts and comments made on our social pages. If you have a specific issue, please contact us directly at 740-653-7242 to talk, or visit one of our banking offices to have a banker assist you.

5. Keep it legal.

When participating in our social media channels you agree to comply with all applicable laws and use these communities for lawful purposes only. Don’t post content unless you are the creator.


As community managers, we reserve the right to remove any posts. We also reserve the right to hide, or permanently delete, posts from any individual.

Monitoring & Contacting Us:

We do our best to monitor our social media channels daily, during the hours of 8 am to 8 pm. While we sometimes might respond after normal business hours, we cannot guarantee we will be able to resolve issues until the following business day.

  • If you have a problem with your account or online banking, please call our Customer Support team at 740-653-7242 or 800-324-7353. Our professionals are ready to help with any account questions or issues you have. If email is your preferred method of communication, send a message to the team at
  • If you have a specific social media issue or question, please email our social media team at with a description of the issue and your contact information (no account numbers please) where you can be reached. This email box is monitored daily from 8 am to 8 pm.

Fairfield National Bank on Social:

The official voice of Fairfield National Bank is the page owner, posting as Fairfield National Bank on Facebook and @PNBCares on Twitter. If you feel someone is posting falsely as Fairfield National Bank – please contact us immediately at

Terms and Conditions for Use:

You participate in social networks at your own risk. Please refer to each social network site to review the terms and conditions, and learn how to use the network if you are unfamiliar.

Fairfield National Bank does not take responsibility for the content or opinions posted by our users. Not all posts on our social networking sites necessarily reflect the opinions of Fairfield National Bank, nor do we confirm their accuracy. We are not responsible for, and do not endorse third party sites or their content.

By engaging with our social networks, you grant Fairfield National Bank and its affiliates the right to utilize all posted content in any media without any legal or monetary obligation to the poster or author.